Kamis, 09 April 2009

How to Get a Free Internet Connection

1. Try Internet Service Providers (ISP) that offer free access.

* Netzero offers a free connection, though with a lot of banner ads.
* The Free Site has links to a few free or low-cost ISPs.
* AOL is free for a month or more if you've never had an account with them. Just pick up one of their CDs that seem to be sent to everyone and available at almost every retail store. Be aware that if you don't call and cancel your account at the end of the free period, they will automatically enroll you in an account and start charging you.
2. Opt to forgo an ISP at home. Some cafes and coffee shops offer free internet access for customers. Also, many public libraries offer internet access. For e-mail, use an online email account such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail.

3. Share an ISP account or Internet connection with a neighbor, friends, or family. In exchange for this service, offer to routinely do yard work, repairs, or take out their trash.
4. "Borrow" your neighbors' unprotected wireless connection. Simply turn on your laptop and search for an unprotected internet connection. Once you find one, connect to it and you have free internet. Just don't do any banking or online purchases on that connection because you're connecting to an unencrypted connection.

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